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Monies Taken but no PRODUCT! File charges, Jail Time, IRS Tax Evasion (Video)

The Problem with Proper Procedures for “Spiritual” People

Many times as a young man, I have seen my aunts, grandmother, mother, sisters, and other women in my life have issues with items purchased. They take them back to the store to the Customer Service area, with the receipt, and speak with a representative or a manager, and either they get their money back or exchange for a similar item. Okay! If you have an issue with your car, then you would either take it to an auto parts store, mechanic within the family, or a familiar mechanic who will diagnose the problem, then either fix the issue or you will get a new car if the issue is to expense for the car. Here’s another example, you go to a business or contract your services to a business, they refuse to pay you. You contact your local authorities or Better Business Bureau, prove you case, and you will, more than likely, receive your product or refund.

Here’s few questions for you… · When you had one of the three issues listed above, why didn’t you let God handle it? · Why didn’t you quote, “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord” when you were not paid for your services? · Why didn’t you fast and pray about it and allow God to fix it? · Why didn’t you blindly trust the organization, person, or business without asking questions? · Why did you make a scene demanding a refund? Why did you cuss that customer service representative out for over charging you for services? · Were you aware that most ministries in 2017 are operating as a business? Therefore, they are receiving profit for their services and products. · Were you aware that if you did not receive your product for monies given, you can report that “business/ministry”? · Have you ever sat down and researched these ministries? Do they have a tax ID? Are they really registered with the government? What’s funny is that WE will make a scene at Wal-Mart every time we receive bad service, but never look into going to another store. We will continue to patronize McDonald’s even though we know there are some things and needs much improvement. We will continue to shop at the local mall for items that too expensive, which can be gotten at another location at a lower price. We will not research. We will not investigate. We will not question. We will not review again. We will not pray about things that are right in front of us taking us for granted.

Please consider this… Juanita Bynum, noted tele-evangelist, author, talk-show host, conference host, and the list continues for years taught on holiness, character, standards of excellence, consecration, prayer and etc. Did you ever once stop and wonder why there was a constant change of ministry support for her? Did you ever think or wonder how she was able to transform her image? Did you think about the nose surgeries? Botox injections? Hair extensions? Clothes begin to get more fitted? When she first came out, she looked and appeared the messages she was teaching, but the more renown she became, her image begins to change to adapt to the world’s view of success. Things stated in beginning messages are not stated anymore, instead of holiness, it’s not these are ways to become a better person. We watched this lady struggle from nothing, per her messages, to becoming a multi-millionaire, and now she slowly sinking back into the place she came from in her life. Ask yourself… · What happened? · How did you lose all that money? · Why are your properties in bankruptcy? · Why are you failing to meet product standards? o How are you selling a product that is not complete or in stock? · How are you able to take money from people who has trusted you for over 20 years and never acknowledge them or their concerns? · How are you able to capitalize on someone’s influence for your business? Is this ministry? Did God tell you to do that? Build your company with manipulation and deceit? · How are we able to look over these consistent flaws with misquoted scriptures? · How can you LOVE people and swindle them out of their hard earned money? · How are you able to consciously know that you aren’t going to give them what you promised and still preach the word of God with conviction? Is this a gift? Talent? Ability? Are you really representing God? Without much deliberation, people Please don’t be blind and deaf all of your life. Juanita Bynum does, in fact, need your prayers, however, it does not escape the fact, that she needs to be held accountable. Businesses around the world are held to a standard of excellence, and since Juanita Bynum has said several times, she is running a business, then she WILL uphold the law as any other business in the world. “Spiritual” People can protest, hex, manipulate scripture in the form of incantations all DAY and NIGHT, but business is business, and we are instructed to be men, according to the same word of God you pervert. PLEASE FOLLOW THE BELOW INSTRUCTIONS · If you had sent money to the Juanita Bynum ministries/business, for products or services, then please reach out to me at · READ CAREFULLY o Please send receipts o Documentation o Correspondence by email, text, or phone o Any pertinent information that will help YOUR case to · The goal is to contact service officials and representatives to file a collective case to get answers and retributions for services not rendered upon payment. 

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